Willie in Milwaukee

Playing the Long Game with Willie Morris

Willie Morris is a serial entrepreneur and influencer based out of New York City. He has worked on projects with the likes of Jeff Bezos and sold companies with Gary Vaynerchuk. Let’s dive into his story.

We sat down with Willie Morris, Founder of Faithbox amongst many things. We dove into Willie's youth and how he became the builder he is today by his use of coding to land a job at the age of 13, as well as his ability to get a meeting with Jeff Bezos. From this he ultimately sold Faithbox with Gary Vaynerchuk.

Willie Morris breaks down the importance of playing the long game. A large role of this is understanding that you can start working on something today and fully comprehend that you won’t be immediately good at it. Willie goes on to say that if you’re 6’8” basketball player, it might not make the most sense to practice free throws today, but in the big picture it will make you a more well-rounded player as a whole.

Willie Morris

Once you have your mind set on a specific end result, it makes it easier to realize the necessity of taking the small steps along the way. Discipline. Discipline is what it all ultimately comes down to. There will be days when you simply don’t want to put in the work, but the discipline is what will differentiate you from others. It’s important to play off of ones’ strengths. “If you’re 5 feet, you probably won’t make it to the NBA, but you could end up being the best shooting coach,” Morris says.

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