Young Entrepreneurs: Why age doesn't matter - Adam White


The Adam White Story

Adam is the Chief Executive Officer of Front Office Sports. Here’s his story.

What started off as a hobby in college rapidly transformed into a full-blown career. In this episode we chat with Adam White, CEO of Front Office Sports.

Running a business in college takes a lot of determination and completely changes the overall collegiate experience. Rather than having booze-filled weekends, Adam kept his head down and grinded through the pressure.

The catch is: it didn’t feel like work for him. He thoroughly enjoyed what he did and had fun while doing it. Working hard opened countless doors that many 23 year-olds weren’t presented with.

When most people leave their work at the door after 5PM, Adam was focusing on responding to emails and scheduling content for the upcoming weeks. Guess what? It paid off big time.

Like most business owners, Adam struggled with comparing himself to others and the path that they were going down. It’s easy to get caught up and blinded by what others are doing in the industry.

Hear his whole story below!

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