No Obsession, No Success - Adam Braatz

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The Adam Braatz Story

Adam is a veteran, content creator, and side hustler with a seriously compelling story.

Adam really started to grow professionally after he got into the Air Force band and military.

He realized that you can never discriminate against people who are trying to network with you. Being inclusive to everyone is important because you never know where a fruitful connection come from. As they say, you never know who will have a rich uncle.

Adam learned first-hand from the nonprofit world the importance of having a diverse, organically grown network. Going through LinkedIn and clicking connect to everyone you see will not benefit you in the long-run.

He went on to talk about how he dealt with different people in the military, he emphasized that you have to have different tools in your toolbox. When you are a hammer everything looks like a nail; you need to use the appropriate tool on different people because everyone learns in a unique way.

There was only one time in this career when he thought he couldn't do it. He was in the middle of his deployment and his house was broken into. The music that he was playing in the Air Force band was what kept him going. A young soldier went up to the band and said thank you for performing because he wasn't planning on making it through the week. The music that was played gave him hope. Non-kinetic weaponry, it changes lives.

Watch Adam’s full story below!

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