How to Build Influence & Make Money - Shay Rowbottom

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The Shay Rowbottom Story

Shay built a multi-million dollar agency. Here’s what she learned!

Throughout her journey as being a co-founder of Margle media, Shay Rowbottom shares her experience of “keeping it real” and discovering your niche.  Discover how going against the grain can not only benefit you in your personal life, but in the business world.

“I was more driven by fear in the beginning,” says Rowbottom, “I was very afraid of where I was going, particularly in music. I wasn’t progressing to how I wanted to.”

Shay speaks about her journey of quitting her full-time serving job to fully immersing herself into the waters of entrepreneurship. “You can do what people expect of you and get your social validation, but you probably won’t be very happy”.

After continuing to post content of brutally honest and raw stories on LinkedIn, multiple people advised her against continuing to share personal experiences. But, being the boldly adventurous person she is, Shay persevered and it paid off. Big time.

Margle has quickly grown to becoming one of the most prominent viral video marketing firms. That is not to say that they haven’t faced struggles along the way. With any rapidly growing business, there’s bound to be growth pains.

Check out Shay’s full story here!

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